Photo Gallery: Authentic Branding at Creative Capital


On Wednesday, February 4th, Professional Development Program leader Maxine Lapiduss visited the Creative Capital office from Los Angeles to lead her first, evening-length “Authentic Branding” workshop. The session, typically offered as a webinar or a day long session, was PDP’s first three-hour version. Artist participant Gwyneth Leech reacted to the evening’s activity: “A high-energy, information-packed presentation that left the group breathless and ready to do hard work on their own. Empowering! And kickass!”

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A Page From Our Handbook: What Goes Into a Project or Annual Budget?

Artists at Work

Creating a budget for your next project (or your next year) can be tricky, especially when you plan on providing that information to a funder, in the hopes of securing a grant. How much is too much? How do you plan for the unexpected? And just where do you fit into the picture? Below is a helpful guide for budgeting, that you can use as a template. Are you a writer who wants to learn more about how budgeting plays into requests for funding? Register for editor Ethan Nosowsky’s upcoming webinar, “Applying for Grants & Residencies: Strategies for Writers”. And check out other helpful online learning opportunities (including Real Life Budgeting Webinar) on our calendar!

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Straight Talk About Doing Good: Five Questions For Stephanie Bleyer

Stephanie Bleyer

Stephanie Bleyer speaks to the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture in Cleveland.

Stephanie Bleyer is a project manager and founder of Six Foot Chipmunk, a boutique consultancy providing a variety of services to media-makers, artists and entrepreneurs. Stephanie’s expertise, which she shares with her clients, includes creating business plans, producing live events, managing projects and campaigns, raising funds, and overseeing communications. Stephanie leads a regular Creative Capital webinar called “Producing & Funding Your Community Engagement Campaign“, a session designed to highlight effective practices for community outreach and engagement for work that includes social justice content. 

We asked Stephanie a few questions about her own trajectory, and got her thoughts about how to raise awareness for socially engaged work in an increasingly competitive field: 

Hannah Fenlon: Your background is insanely diverse. How does the variety of work you’ve done and places you’ve been inform your work with artists? Continue reading

Two Weeks, Ten Events, One Mission: A Professional Development Program Recap

Todd Berman

Artist Todd Berman, who participated in our Strategic Planning & Funding workshop in San Francisco, drew this fantastic image of some of his fellow participants. Check out the rest of Todd’s “notes” here, as well as his website:

The Professional Development Program (PDP) has been busy the last few weeks. Between January 28th and February 4th, we held our first-ever workshop in Utah for documentary fellows of Sundance Institute, two west coast workshops with Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions and Southern Exposure in San Francisco (both sponsored by Tequila Herradura), and an Authentic Branding workshop with Maxine Lapiduss here in our New York City office. Kristin Feeley, Labs and Artist Support Director in the Documentary Film Program at Sundance Institute, encapsulated her observation of the workshop in Utah when she told us: “I’m a skeptic by nature but…damn. The fellows are rapt and this is great.”

PDP also hosted a group of artists at Creative Capital for a “Wine & Webinar” event featuring our “Kickstarter School” webinar, led by Kickstarter’s Director of Community Education Stephanie Pereira who was on hand for a live post-webinar Q&A. Finally, we conducted a Real Cost Budgeting webinar for Joan Mitchell Foundation artists.

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Sound Bite: Strategic Planning Workshop at The Contemporary Austin

The Contemporary Austin

On Saturday, January 10th, Professional Development Program (PDP) workshop leaders Colleen Keegan and Ela Troyano traveled to Austin, TX to teach a workshop on Strategic Planning at The Contemporary Austin. The workshop was part of a series generously underwritten by Tequila Herradura, and was attended by 24 talented Austin-based artists, including Herradura Barrel Art Competition artists Eric Port, Jaelah Kuehmichel, VM Fisk, Thomas John Lemanski and Tincher & Maloney. Below are some reactions we heard from workshop participants (and from our workshop partner at the Contemporary).

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Photo Gallery: Creative Capital Hosts Strategic Planning Workshop for 33 NYC Artists

Colleen Keegan at Creative Capital Workshop

Workshop leader Colleen Keegan welcomes artist participants with an introduction to Strategic Planning.

“It’s not about working harder, it’s about working differently.”
-Workshop Leader Colleen Keegan, Strategic Planning Workshop

“Oh to have more of this. It has made me deliciously happy!”
-Rebecca Darlington, Artist Participant, Strategic Planning Workshop

On Tuesday, December 2nd, 33 artist participants gathered at Creative Capital in New York City’s Financial District for an evening of Strategic Planning. Led by Colleen Keegan and Ela Troyano, this Professional Development Program (PDP) workshop lays the foundation for creating a strategic plan: including (but not limited to) time management, budgeting and networking. Over the course of three hours, artist participants focused on the early stages of their plans, with a directive to form small teams in order to hold each other accountable for their progress moving forward. Continue reading

Lessons in Sustainability: Five Questions for Sharon Louden

Sharon teaching at Chautauqua

Sharon Louden teaches at the Chautauqua Institution.

This winter, artist Sharon Louden hosts her first four-part webinar series: How to Approach, Engage & Communicate with Galleries, Museums & the People You Want to Know. This series is now sold out, but stay tuned for information about more webinars with Sharon in the spring and fall! Interested in hearing about upcoming dates or joining the waitlist for this series? Email us!

Sharon is also the editor of the 2013 compilation, Living and Sustaining a Creative Life: Essays by 40 Working Artists, which offers realistic insight into how artists juggle their creative lives with the everyday needs of making a living. 

We had the opportunity to ask Sharon five questions about how she manages to sustain her own practice, and what she’s learned along the way.  Continue reading

The Art of Conversation: Five Questions for Moira Brennan


Moira Brennan leads a session at the Theatre Communications Group National Conference in 2010.

Moira Brennan is an arts writer and Program Director of the MAP Fund. On Monday, January 19, she will host a live, online discussion with cultural producer and performance curator Caleb Hammons. This webinar is the first performing arts edition of our Conversations Inside series. To be a part of the conversation, register here.

We had a chance to ask Moira some questions about her upcoming webinar series, in addition to a few things we just wanted her opinion on:
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A Page From Our Handbook: Best Practices for Your Artist Website

Internet for Artists Workshop

Artist Leader Brad Stephenson giving website advice to a participant at an Internet for Artists Workshop in New York City.

The following post comes from the Professional Development Program’s (PDP) Artist’s Tools and Internet For Artists handbooks, which are used in our workshops. If this piece leaves you wanting more, you’re in luck! On Monday December 15, PDP leader and artist Sue Schaffner hosts a webinar on Web, Blog & Email Essentials. For more information on Creative Capital’s workshops and webinars, see our online calendar.

Websites allow you to exponentially broaden visibility for you and your work. Your artist website can help create a conversation around what you do, and allow you to control the way your work is received and appropriated. Continue reading

Authentic Branding: An Exercise in Landing Your Brand

Authentic Branding

Participants in a recent PDP workshop in Miami, led by Maxine Lapiduss.

According to PDP leader, strategist and entertainment industry veteran Maxine Lapiduss, “If you have the intention of making a living from doing what you love, it is crucial that you ‘Land Your Brand’ and clearly communicate what makes you unique, special and different.” On Wednesday, February 4th at Creative Capital in NYC, Maxine will lead a workshop on Authentic Branding. In this session, you’ll learn to use your unique story, essence, and experience to sculpt your message and presentation, making it easier for your audience, or gallery owners, or patrons to find you. Click here to register for the workshop!

Below is an exercise drawn from Maxine’s latest endeavor, Worship The Brand, an online community that supports and encourages artists (and crafters!) to showcase brand-inspired art, offering cash prizes as well as a wealth of tips and resources for all artists.
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