Corey Dargel to Perform at Creative Capital’s Homecoming Dance Benefit, Oct 15

Corey Dargel Presents “The Three Christs” at the 2015 Creative Capital Retreat

Creative Capital artist Corey Dargel will perform at our upcoming Homecoming Dance Benefit (October 15, Manny Cantor Center, NYC). While music critic Alex Ross described Corey’s voice as “baroquely unclassifiable,” a recent article said he was “equally at home in the opera house, the concert hall and the performance-art space.” And naturally, he is at home in the Creative Capital community, whose artists are known for bending and blending genres.

Above, watch Corey’s recent presentation and performance at the 2015 Creative Capital retreat, on his project The Three Christs. And, make sure you catch his performance next Thursday, October 15, at our Homecoming Dance Benefit! Click here for more info.

The Repellent Fence Story, as told by Postcommodity

Postcommodity, a collective of artists scattered around New Mexico and Arizona, will install two miles of scare-eye balloons at the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona on October 9.

Postcommodity, a collective of artists scattered around New Mexico and Arizona, will install two miles of scare-eye balloons at the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona on October 9.

Next week, the indigenous artist collective Postcommodity (2012 Visual Arts) will present their Creative Capital-supported project, Repellent Fence, the largest bi-national land art installation ever exhibited on the U.S./Mexican border. The fence, which will be installed through a community action from October 9-12 near Douglas, Arizona and Agua Prieta, Mexico, is comprised of 28 tethered “scare eye” balloons, ten feet in diameter, floating 75 feet above the desert landscape to create a temporary two-mile-long sculpture that intersects the U.S./Mexico border.

The geographic location chosen for Repellent Fence is the center point of the largest and most densely fortified militarized zone of the Western Hemisphere. This border region and its omnipresent military and surveillance systems artificially divide people, cultures, languages and communities from themselves and the land, disrupting interdependent human, cultural and environmental relationships that have existed for thousands of years. The monumental Repellent Fence installation is part of a larger public engagement campaign that includes public programming, performances and the first cross-border art walk in Douglas and Agua Prieta. In this post, the artists of Postcommodity—Raven Chacon, Cristóbal Martínez and Kade L. Twist—share the back-story behind this ambitious and timely project, nearly eight years in the making.
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Valuing Artists’ Work: How and When Should Artists Get Paid?

Earlier this month, I was in Minneapolis / St. Paul for Hand-in-Glove 2015, a national convening for the field of alternative art spaces, artist-led projects and artists’ organizations. My session, entitled “Art Works?,” questioned when and how artists should be compensated for their work. Each of the panelists—session host Alison Gerber (artist/sociologist), Wing Young Huie (artist), Lise Soskolne (W.A.G.E.) and myself—began the session with a positioning statement about this question. My statement follows, and a video of the full session is available above. Artists and art workers, let us know what you think about this question by leaving comments below. 

As part of my work for Creative Capital and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, I oversee both award programs, each of which provides funding and services for artists in a variety of disciplines. I am also considering this question from my perspective after 25 years of working in the cultural arena, including the curatorial departments of various museums, the ten years that I worked as a freelance theater, TV and film designer and producer and the four and a half years I owned my own gallery. Continue reading

Wu Tsang Creates Special Edition For Creative Capital Benefit

Wu Tsang special edition prints with hand-written text by the artist and photography by boychild

Wu Tsang special edition prints with hand-written text by the artist and photography by boychild

As we get ready to celebrate our upcoming Homecoming Dance Benefit (Oct. 15), we’ll be highlighting some of the special editions and performances that will make this year’s Benefit one of our best. First up, artist Wu Tsang (2015 Visual Arts) has produced special edition prints from her work-in-progress film, entitled Duilian, which premium ticket holders will receive! The prints are one-of-a-kind editions with photography from the film by the artist boychild and handwritten text by Wu Tsang.

Wu Tsang’s film Duilian centers around the historical Chinese figure Qiu Jin, a little-known (at least in the Western world) Chinese revolutionary, feminist and writer who lived during the Qing Dynasty. Continue reading

Best Practices for Building Your Artist’s Website

This is an excerpt from our Internet for Artists (IFA) Handbook. The IFA handbook is a collaborative online resource given to participants in Creative Capital’s Internet for Artists workshops. Register for the Website, Blog, & Email Essentials webinar on October 8, 7:00-8:30pm ET to learn the full scope of best practices for your website.

Sue Schaffner discusses Internet Strategies for Artists at Artists Summer Institute 2014

Sue Schaffner discusses Internet Strategies for Artists at the Creative Capital | LMCC Artists Summer Institute 2014

Your website should be completely dedicated to you and your work. Think of it as a studio visit or a reading where you are not present. Continue reading

Named Grants Support Four Creative Capital Artists


Narcissister presenting at the Creative Capital retreat in July

As you know, every grant round we give financial support and advisory services to a diverse set of artists. However, you might not know that we raise every dollar we give out from an incredible group of foundations and individuals whose contributions range from $5 to $1.5 million. Two of our funders, the Theo Westenberger Estate and the Muriel Pollia Foundation, choose to support us by underwriting awards for Creative Capital artists.

How does it work? Once the artists in each class of awardees have been selected by our panelists, we invite the leaders of these foundations to the annual Artist Retreat. Based on the presentations, they choose the artist(s) that best fit the mission statement of the foundation. Continue reading

Non-Writing Tips for Getting Published

Have you been grinding away at your novel for years? Maybe you’ve got a great book in you but don’t know where to take it? Or perhaps publishing a book is the next step to establishing your expertise in your field. Creative Capital is launching a brand new workshop this month for artists seeking publishing strategies. Join us for Storyselling: The Secrets of Successful Book Proposals at Creative Capital’s office in Downtown Manhattan on September 30, 6:15-9:15pm for an intensive “how-to” on getting your words out there.  The experienced editor, author, and workshop leader Victoria Rowan offers the tips below for aspiring authors. 

Victoria Rowan

Victoria Rowan at the Ideasmyth Event “Monogamy Memoirists Meet their Match,” displaying all the finished products of our the Ideasmyth Family

Here’s the good news: Over my 30+ years of working as an editor or writing coach to all types of creative professionals, I have personally witnessed that anyone who really wants to be a published writer will succeed.

The reason why so many people fail is that they aren’t aware of some of these essential non-writing tips: Continue reading

Five Creative Capital Artists Head to Kentucky for IdeaFestival

"The Beekeeper" [detail] by Kelly Heaton

“The Beekeeper” [detail] by Kelly Heaton

Every year the IdeaFestival in Louisville, Kentucky, invites Creative Capital to present a session called “Art at the Edge” with a group of artists whose unique and sometimes controversial work pushes the edges of the creative envelope. This year’s panel, taking place on October 1, is an exciting opportunity to talk about some of the amazing, revolutionary projects we’re supporting.

IdeaFestival is an annual event that gives a platform to innovative and disruptive artists, designers and organizers who are changing lives in “ways that matter.” This year, we’re bringing artists Ken Gonzales-Day, Kelly Heaton, Andy Kropa and Miwa Matreyek for the Creative Capital presentation, and Titus Kaphar is also participating in a solo presentation. 21c Museum Hotel in Louisville is also presenting an exhibition of the artists’ work! Here’s a look at their current work. Continue reading

The MAP Fund Now Accepting Applications! What Kind of Projects Do They Support?


Excerpt from niv Acosta’s “Discotropia”

The MAP Fund, one of Creative Capital’s ancillary programs, supports live performance projects, and we love sharing an office with them because we get to hear about all the amazing, exciting artists they support! MAP—which was founded in 1988, making it among the longest-standing grant programs in contemporary performance—distributes over $1 million each year to projects that tend to be experimental in nature and that “question, disrupt and complicate inherited notions of cultural and social hierarchies across the American landscape.” Program Director, Moira Brennan, says “MAP has a long history of supporting artists and arts organizations that might fall through the cracks at more traditional funders. Because it’s been around so long, it has really led the charge toward a more diverse and expansive performing arts sector in this country. We love this time of year, because we get to hear about the incredible work being done in performance far and wide. It’s inspiring!”

The 2015 MAP Fund grant round is now open for Letters of Inquiry through September 28, so we thought we’d tell you about some of the projects they have supported in the past couple of years. 

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