Richard Move

About Richard Move

Richard Move is a choreographer, director, filmmaker, performing artist and director of MoveOpolis!. He is a 2002 Performing Arts grantee and an Artist Leader in Creative Capital's Professional Development Program. Learn more about Richard and his work at

Documenting Your Performance: DOs and DON’Ts From Our Newest PDP Workshop

A still from the MoveOpolis! production, Toward the Delights of the Exquisite Corpse. Dancers: Catherine Cabeen, Kevin Scarpin, Kristen Joseph Irby, Blakeley White McGuire. Photo by Christopher Duggan.

High quality documentation is essential to everyone in the performing or time-based arts for use in fundraising, public relations, presentations, websites, archiving your work and more. As a choreographer, director and performer, I am intimately aware of both the importance of having good performance documentation and the challenges of creating it.

While I continue to create new theatrical performances, I’ve also become fully immersed in the creation of performance and dance filmmaking. I completed my MFA in Media Arts Production to properly learn the techniques and applications of new digital technologies.

I know this sort of intensive training is not for everyone, so I’ve been working with Creative Capital to develop the newly launched Performance Documentation Workshop. As part of Creative Capital’s Professional Development Program (PDP), this workshop is designed to share the practical and conceptual tools necessary for creating truly good performance documentation. Continue reading