Matthew Deleget

About Matthew Deleget

Matthew Deleget is an abstract painter and curator. He has exhibited his work nationally and internationally, including solo and group exhibitions in Europe, Asia, and Australia. In 2003, Matthew founded MINUS SPACE, a platform for reductive visual art on the international based in Brooklyn, NY. Matthew is an Artist Leader in Creative Capital's Professional Development Program and worked with PDP staff to develop the Online Learning Program.

Meet Our Newest Internet for Artists Workshop Leader, Brad Stephenson

Brad Stephenson presenting at a recent Internet for Artists workshop at the Montana Arts Council in Kallispel, MT

Brad Stephenson is our Professional Development Program’s newest Internet for Artists Workshop Leader. We think Brad has made a great addition to our team and, having just completed an amazing weekend workshop with the Montana Arts Council in Kallispel, MT, we asked fellow PDP Workshop Leader Matthew Deleget to help us introduce Brad to the broader Creative Capital community.

Matthew Deleget: Tell us a bit about your background and how you got involved in the arts.

Brad Stephenson: I was an introvert during my middle and early high school days, and a fantastic teacher convinced me to join show choir. Singing quickly became a passion, which led to musical theater, which led to straight plays, which led me to pursue a bachelor’s degree in acting from the University of Kentucky. After spending time as a standup comedian in New York (yes, standup is an art form), I moved to Pittsburgh and completed the Master of Arts Management program at Carnegie Mellon University. My day job is digital marketing at CMU, but I continue to work on various artistic projects. I am also a grant award finalist for a film project called Reel Pittsburgh, a community-based video project focusing on the people of the greatest city in the world. Continue reading

Artful Learning Online: Our New Webinars for Artists

As you likely know by now, Creative Capital’s Professional Development Program (PDP) just launched its new Online Learning Program for artists working in all disciplines nationwide. Drawing on PDP’s “artist to artist” learning model, the new program includes seven 90-minute live webinars addressing the following pressing issues facing artists:

* Applying for Grants and Residencies: Strategies for Writers, with Ethan Nosowsky
* Business Management, with Jeffrey Gibson
* Creating a Marketing Strategy, with Dread Scott
* Social Media: How to Be Everywhere All the Time, with Eve Mosher
* Real Life Budgeting, with Andrew Simonet
* Web Site, Blog & Email Essentials, with Steve Lambert
* Visual Arts Round Table, with Matthew Deleget

We offer two webinars per month on a rotating basis and hope to reach artists working in every corner of the country, especially in locations where we haven’t had the resources yet to travel.  Anyone with access to a computer and the Internet can attend.  To date, we’ve had artists participate from more than 39 states–we couldn’t be more excited about it. Continue reading