The Seven Principles of Strategic Marketing


Artist leader Brian Tate leads a workshop on Strategic Marketing at this year’s Creative Capital Summer Intensive

Marketing is a term that often makes artists uneasy. 
It’s understandable, we are so often inundated with corporate messaging that feels cold, impersonal and profit driven.

However at its most basic, marketing is simply effective storytelling to a specific audience to drive a specific outcome. On Tuesday September 27 artist leader and marketing strategist Brian Tate will be leading our Seven Elements of Strategic Marketing webinar. This session will break down how artists can effectively and authentically deploy marketing theory in ways that help both them and the audience understand their work better. Register Here

Regardless of the context, marketing essentially operates by seven principles:

  1. The Story: Unites complex themes into a narrative of broad appeal and personal relevance. An effective Story lets people to find themselves within it, rather than outside it.
  2. The Message: Refines the Story to a compelling phrase. The shorter, the better.
  3. The Audience: Receives the Message and is divided into four groups:
    1. The Core Audience, that deeply identifies with the Story and supports the Message.
    2. The Target Audience, that could identify with the Story and support the Message, if given the right reason.
    3. The Unfriendly Audience, that is fundamentally opposed to the Story, the Storyteller, and the Message, and would rarely if ever switch to a favorable view.
    4. The General Public, also known as “everyone.” They won’t respond with love or hate because they don’t care. As such they are not an audience at all, and all attention devoted to them is wasted.
  4. The Campaign: A series of initiatives that package the Story and deliver its Message.
  5. The Call-to-Action: Makes clear what the Campaign wants its Audience to do.
  6. The Measures of Success: Determines the Campaign’s effectiveness.
  7. The Follow-Up: Outlines the Campaign’s sustainability and its next cycle of activity.

Effective marketing communicates what you’re doing, why you’re doing it and gives the listener a stake in your success, thus transforming your audience into active participants and supporters of your work.

Check out Brian Tate’s series of blog posts on Strategic Marketing for more in depth reading in preparation for the webinar:

For a live step-by-step breakdown of how best to leverage all seven principles, be sure to register now for Brian’s webinar, “The Seven Elements of Strategic Marketing” on September 27 at 7:00 EST. In the webinar, Brian will apply marketing theory  to the careers of Ornette Coleman, Margaret Atwood, the Coen Brothers and Kara Walker, with references along the way to a mix of artists, including Ava DuVernay, Miles Davis, Elizabeth Streb, Patricia Highsmith, Pussy Riot, and others. Your questions and ideas will be welcomed throughout, and there will be a general Q&A at the end. 

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